10 Tips to Save Money on your Wedding Dress

15 Mar 2016 blog

We all want that perfect wedding dress for your Big Day. We want that dress no matter what. If your budget is really tight, follow the given tips. With the help of these tips, you can save lots of money on your wedding dress.

Stick to Your Budget
Decide how much money you can spend for your wedding dress. Be upfront with the salesperson with the amount you can afford and only try on those dresses that come within your budget. You may end up breaking your heart if you fall in love with something way beyond your budget.

Look for Sample Sales
You can find many bridal stores hosting sample sales to clear out previous season’s wedding gowns to make room for newer ones. Even many bridal stores of Atlanta, GA host such sales. Wedding dresses in such sales are comparatively cheaper.

Trunk Shows
Many bridal stores provide discount during trunk shows. Not only that, you will also get chance to buy exclusive wedding dress in such shows.

Choose the Simple One
Lots of embellishment and art works can significantly raise the price of a gown. So, choose the wedding dress with simple adornments for a more cost-friendly style. Even if you want a gown with some dazzling touch, it is not necessary that you should buy the one with lots of embroidery. Rather buy a simple gown and source a sparkly sash or brooch to add some glitter.

Don’t Customize
Don’t buy the gown that needs customization with your body type and your style. The more you customize the dress, the higher its price will be.

It is not necessary that you should wear a brand new wedding dress on your big day. You can even wear your mother’s or granny’s wedding dress after little alteration to give it a modern touch. Many brides visit our bridal store of Atlanta, GA to alter their mother’s borrowed wedding dress.

Buy used Dress
It may not sound elegant if you decide to wear a used wedding dress, but at least you will not have to spend much. Consignment bridal stores often sell used wedding dresses at reasonable prices. You can even find them in online stores.

Rent your gown
If your dream wedding dress is out of your budget, rent it. You can rent a dress at a fraction of its sales price. Nobody cares if it’s bought or rented. They just care about how beautiful the dress is.

Have your dress made
If you cannot buy it, you can have your dress made in the stores like ours. TK Bridal Store of Atlanta, GA also provide alteration and custom clothing and custom clothing services to create the gown of your dreams. Remember, the cost of making a wedding dress is comparatively lower than buying it.

Do it yourself
If you know how to sew, you can make your dream wedding dress yourself.


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