5 Romantic Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

15 Feb 2016 blog

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there can’t be any better day than the 14th for a perfect wedding. Here are 5 most romantic ideas that can just make this special day more special.

Go Red and white

Red and white are classic Valentine’s Day colors and they can be personalized with a variety of hues and shades. You can fill this super special day with fun red details right from the red velvet cupcakes to your red painted manicured nails. You can even accent your wedding palette with metallic tones or sparking pearl in order to make the theme just perfect.

Sweet Sips

A Valentine’s Day wedding has its own signature cocktail. A flute of champagne with pomegranate seeds or a sugar-rimmed pink cosmopolitan can enhance the romance factor to the right level. Both of them can dance with the champagne bubbles! You can even make it more festive simply by adding red garnishes, such as strawberries, cherries or raspberries. Consider swapping out the usual bar peanuts for classic Valentine candies, like Conversation Hearts and red cinnamon hearts, for a subtle touch.

Invite with love

If you want to set the mood of love on your big day, your wedding invitation can be the thing. You can come up with different romantic heart cut out invitations to let your guests know about your Valentine’s Day Wedding. Another sound idea would be the paper heart tied with ribbon to each invitation card. There might be some other super personal thing that only you and your significant other know.  Can you express that thing into the card? Why miss a chance, right?

Fill it with Flowers

No matter how clichéd it might sound, Valentine’s Day can’t get into full shape without red roses. Having said that, there are other blooms as well that can be just as romantic, if carried out well. One example is Amaryllis. It’s one showy winter flower than can provide dramatic yet gorgeous feel. You can even experiment with some non-floral elements like red tinted integrifolia, feathers or crystals.

Light the romance

You can’t afford to overlook the importance of lighting when it comes to some big days like wedding. So, set the mood of love with proper lighting. And what can be more romantic than a candlelit dinner? If you choose silky table linens or sequined, it will shine even brighter.  You can also opt for a romantic setting simply through soft bistro lighting. And If you like to create a contemporary vibe then you can try out flower-draped candelabras, ornate or floating tea candles in narrow hurricane vases.



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