5 Things to do with your wedding gown after the big day

28 Jan 2016 blog

My wedding day has passed and everything was perfect! The risky chances, I took turned out beautifully! After our wedding day, we had the absolutely perfect honeymoon in Paris. Now that we’ve been back a couple of weeks and finally had the chance to get everything settled, I’m stuck here handling a few miscellaneous tasks. The biggest one: What do I do with my wedding dress!?

My wedding gown is currently draped over the chair in our guest bedroom, recently moved from draping over the frilly couch in my parent’s bedroom. I love seeing it out. I loved wearing it, I love the memories that go with it, and love seeing it in the light of the day. But for the life of me I can’t figure out what to do with it now.

So I did a little internet surfing and brainstorming and this is what I got:

  1. Preserve professionally


Preserving your wedding dress in a box is definitely the traditional and probably one of the common things to do. Sealed or unsealed? Box or bag? These are the questions you might be asking today. While there are a lot of sources in the web about the pros and cons of both, I am not so sure I want to box mine away for some 20 or 30 something years.

My mom had her dress preserved in a box and sealed professionally. It was such a special feeling to be able to take out my mom’s dress weeks before my wedding and play dress ups. And let me just say, it was made for my mom. It still looked so pretty on her to this day. We’re still not sure if it was because of age or before acid free boxes but despite the professional preservation, mom’s dress still ended up with yellow stains. So, I can’t help but ask myself, is preserving the dress worth the cost, effort or time? Or is it better that I do something with it instead?

  1. Sell Online


A bride wears her dress on her special day. It sure has tons of memories but she has photos to prove it. She may love her dress, but she doesn’t need it anymore. So, why not sell it? You used it and loved it and then you can get a little money back on the expensive gown that you picked out. No reason for it to take up space in the closet for bundle of years. Today there are tons of such as ebay, etsy and blogs throughout the internet that make it easier for you to sell your wedding dress.

  1. Make a family heirloom


Take a piece of your dress and put it in a pendant. Pass it down from generation to generation and each time add a piece of that generation’s wedding dress. In my view, this is a great way (and more realistic way) of holding on to your wedding dress. Your daughter may or may not want to wear your wedding dress from 20 or 30 years from now, but everyone loves a piece of history that they can relate to.

  1. Re-purpose it


A wedding gown comes with a lot of fabric. If you’re a practical kind of person you can choose to use pieces of the dress, practically. Imagine your wedding photo album decorated with tulle or lace from your wedding  dress! Or add it to your practical wardrobe!  Remove the bodice from the dress and shorten the skirt to create something that you can wear again and again.

  1. Donate the dress


Many little girls dream about their wedding their whole young life. However, when it comes time for the wedding, it isn’t just a dream anymore. Its reality and excitement! But it’s also a lot of money and sometimes compromise. The budget has to cut somewhere.  Your wedding dress could be a special bride’s dream dress! And it’s reassuring to know that the life of your dress didn’t end at farewell exit of your reception!

I never realized there are so many options! What would you do with your wedding dress?



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