7 Tips to Consider while Choosing a Dress for Mother of the Bride

6 Mar 2014 blog

On your daughter’s big day, all eyes will not only be on your daughter but also will be on you. You also need to look as nearly gorgeous as your daughter on her wedding. For this, you should choose the attire that enhances your beauty and style.

Choosing the perfect dress is always a big headache. There are many things you need to consider to end up with the right dress.

Here are some tips which may be helpful for mother of the bride to settle with the right dress.

  • Select the dress that goes with the theme of the wedding.
  • Avoid the color white, cream, ivory and champagne. These colors are reserved for your daughter on very day. Also avoid black as it is for funeral. Red is also not preferred as it makes you look flashy. Normally, mother of bride looks good in colors like lavender, beige, silver, burgundy and blue.
  • Have a talk with mother of groom before choosing a dress because yours and mother of groom’s dress should complement one another.
  • There is a classy trend to co-ordinate the color of your dress with bridesmaids’ dress. You can choose a different shade of the same color as the bridesmaids’ dress. For example, if bridesmaids are in violet, you can choose to be in eggplant. If you do not want matching color, you can also go with other colors. The bottom line is you should be comfortable and happy in your dress.
  • Consult your daughter before choosing your dress. She also may have some ideas for your dress. If she wants you to be in gown with long sleeves, there is no harm on wearing them. Respect her wishes but also make sure the dress you end up should make you happy too. If you are not happy with her choice, let her know and find a solution.
  • The concept that you should look matronly has outdated a long away. You can wear trendy and figure flattering dress to look fabulous. But, make sure you consider wedding theme and take your daughter’s opinion before choosing such dress.

I hope these tips will be really helpful for you to settle with perfect mother of brides dress.

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