Most of the plus-size brides face a hard time finding the perfect wedding dress, as most of the designs are generally tailored for slim figured brides. Are you a plus-size? Don’t worry and don’t compromise!

Here are some helpful tips, for all of the plus-size brides out there, to choose the wedding dress that complements your great physique:

Do some research
Before you go shopping, find out about the places where you may find plus-size wedding dresses. Remember, Internet is your best friend at times like these. Once you find the places, browse through their prices, designs, offers or anything that might help you to zero-in on your dress.

Keep the dress materials in mind
Look for materials like silk dupioni, satin and taffeta as they are perfect materials to conceal the heavier parts of the body. Avoid dresses with appliquéd details and beaded materials as they accentuate the heavier parts of your body.

Keep the dress style in mind
The A-line/Princess dress and Empire dress looks better on full figures. They make you look taller, thinner and cover your heavy lower body parts. Ball gowns could be another option for plus size women with apple figure. Avoid tea-length gowns as it can make you look shorter and ankle-heavy. If you are a larger plus-size avoid the Mermaid dress too, as it is demonic in highlighting the curves.

Go for straps or sleeves
Strapless dress is in trend but if you are a plus-size, stay away from it. It highlights your wide shoulder and heavy arms. So, add straps and sleeves to your wedding dress which help to hide your imperfections plus give you an extra area to customize your dress even more.However, when you select the sleeve or strap choose the ones that are made of materials that doesn’t squeeze your arms and look puffy. Choose lacy and light sleeves or long and bell sleeved wedding dress.

Pay attention to the neckline
Sweetheart and V-necklines are great choices for the brides who are busty and have broad shoulders. Such brides should avoid the strapless, halter, tank and bateau necklines as they draw attention toward your shoulders.

Look for comfortable wear
Always remember – you should feel comfortable and confident in what you wear. Specially a wedding dress! Keep in mind that you will be wearing the dress for a long time. So, choose the one that is not only stylish, but also comfortable for you.

Don’t decide at the eleventh hour
It would be one of the biggest mistakes of your life if you buy a wedding dress at the last minute. It would simply be inviting disaster. You should start selecting the wedding dress at least 3 months before the wedding so that you will have sufficient time for dress delivery, trial and alterations, if any.

Keep your budget in your mind
Wedding dress for plus size brides are comparatively costlier as the designers charge extra for more materials used on the dress. So, look for the perfect fusion of your choice and your price.

Choose the dress you like
You spend a considerable amount on your dress for your big day, so don’t go on settling for a dress that you don’t like. There are lots of bridal stores in the market, so don’t give up until you find the perfect one. The sales people may persuade you to buy something less flattering but you should not settle down until you find something you really like.

It would be a really good idea to take some of your friends with you for honest feedback.
Keep the above tips in your mind while looking for a plus-size wedding dress. You will surely end up with the dream wedding dress.


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