Endless Floral Arrangements for Your Wedding

3 Feb 2017 blog

Flowers are used in every event and in weddings it is must. We use flowers in various purposes from corsages and boutonnieres to wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Flowers give natural feel to the event. Nobody can deny the role of flowers that is why we do not hesitate to use artificial flowers or imaging technology to mimic the essence of flowers.

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Custom Wedding Gowns Designs

21 Dec 2016 blog

You would all love to dress in the outfit you have always fantasized about. And in that dress, you would want to attend your wedding – the most important day in your life. We all do!

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Top Wedding Gown Trends for 2016

30 Aug 2016 blog

Getting married is a one-time experience in a lifetime and everyone wants to make this day perfect and memorable. And, wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding. It is one thing that comes first in every individual’s mind, when we envision our wedding day. Therefore, if you are getting married in 2016, we have some of the wedding trends you can try. It can help you find something that you can incorporate in your wedding dress.

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Helping Tips for Choosing Bridal Accessories

30 Aug 2016 blog

You’ve found your perfect gown but your stress doesn’t end here. The next step of stress is finding the right accessories that match your wedding gown. But, you need to know the very important first rule i.e. don’t overdo it; you don’t want all those metals to exceed you on the big day. The right accessories should boast your beautiful gown and make you feels fantastic on your big day. While choosing the accessories, make sure to try on as many as different accessories as you can since they look very different in the hair.

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Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle for You

27 Aug 2016 blog

Choosing the right hairstyle that suits your wedding gown becomes the hardest thing for any bride. With so many gorgeous hairstyles available, it can be hard just to choose one. Getting married is the experience of a lifetime and everyone wants this day to be perfect. We all know, wedding hairdo is responsible for both making and breaking a stunning bridal look as it gives the finishing touch to your entire bridal outfit.  Also, it is difficult to do a trial run on every style to suit your wedding gown giving you a stunning look. So, follow these tips when you’re choosing your wedding hairstyle.

Let’s get busy!

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Finding your Dream Wedding Dress

20 Jun 2016 blog

Finding out the right wedding dress can be quite interesting as well as discouraging. It’s not like we are going to get some comfortable outfit for work. It normally takes a long process along with a busy schedule and that’s not always easy. It is for sure, you want to look perfect on your big day. Finding your dream wedding dress can be stressful as well as within pressure, since you’ve likely never even tried one on before, and it’s the most expensive garment many women will ever own.

So, here are few simple tips for finding the dress of your dreams that you’ll be going to love.

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Experts Tips on Wedding Dress Alterations

16 May 2016 blog

The big day is near, but your wedding gown doesn’t perfectly fit…. So what are you going to do now? The elegant fabrics and complicated designs of wedding gowns which make it look extremely beautiful are difficult to alter.

Getting married is the experience of a lifetime. Therefore, everyone wants to make this day perfect. But then, there’re these circumstances that can make things pretty annoying. Problem with the wedding dress is one of those situations. Here are some expert tips that might help brides to know about wedding gown and the perfect fit for the wedding day.

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