Blue by Enzoani – An Exquisite Collection of Bridal Gowns

, Blue by Enzoani – An Exquisite Collection of Bridal Gowns, TK Bridal, TK Bridal

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Blue by Enzoani isn’t any recent collection to hit the bridal industry. In fact, it has been around for quite some time – since 2007, to be exact. Yet, it being more than half a decade old hasn’t stopped itself from being among the top choice of retail wedding gowns for countless brides-to-be.

Bridal boutiques all over the world house this sophisticated collection of bridal gowns. What is it that makes Blue by Enzoani so special?

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Fusion of Traditional and Modern European Style

Enzoani’s Blue collection has style, elegance and a touch of luxury to it – something that makes the dress immediately pop. Any bride who is looking for the perfect wedding dress will likely consider one from the collection, because it exemplifies everything she is looking for. Enzoani succeeds in achieving the look that brides seek by merging contemporary styles with traditional European style. The end result is a ravishing collection of bridal gowns.

Wedding Budget-Friendly

Despite it being an exquisite collection, Blue by Enzoani has quite a budget-friendly price tag on the individual bridal gowns. To put things into context, a typical dress from the higher-end flagship Enzoani collection may cost upwards of $1800. For the same craftsmanship and attention to detail, an Enzoani Blue dress will probably cost you from $1000-$1500.

Forget business, I want to make dresses.” – Designer (source)

Behind your potential wedding dress from the sophisticated Blue by Enzoani, is passionate Taiwanese designer Kang Chun Lin. His initial dream to design was neither apparent nor being realized until he abandoned his Business background to chase after his dream. In an interview with Audrey magazine, he describes that he “started all over” at London School of Fashion, because fashion design was what he “wanted to do”. And because he loved with various types of fabric and detailing, he knew the bridal industry was for him.

It is this passion, talent, innovation and drive that collectively shine through the Blue by Enzoani collection, making it stand out from its counterparts and being as big as it is today.

Worn by celebrities, featured in magazines

Enzoani’s designs are loved not just by brides, but by all women, including celebrities. According to the company’s website, Enzoani has been worn by the likes of Paula Abdul and Eva Longoria. Dresses from Enzoani have also been featured in various magazines like Weddingbells, Bridal Guide, Brides Magazine, and even in the movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1, where Kristen Stewart’s character has a dream about marrying her love interest.

Blue by Enzoani at TK Bridal & Alterations Atlanta, GA

At TK Bridal, we retail exquisite bridal collections for brides in Atlanta, and Blue by Enzoani is one of them. Others include Adriana Alier by Rosa Clara, and bridal gowns by Allen Rich. We also offer our own designs, under Palini Couture.

To order a bridal gown off the Blue by Enzoani collection, or any other, you can simply drop by our store. Give us a call at (404) 943-0037 to understand better.

Although possible, it isn’t likely that retailed bridal gowns will fit your unique body perfectly. To help bridge that, TK Bridal offers bridal alterations so that the gown will be fitted to perfection onto you, and not the other way around.

Be sure to book an appointment with us in advance, so we can work on your dress with ample time for modifications. You can call us, or fill in our online appointment form.


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