Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle for You

27 Aug 2016 blog

Choosing the right hairstyle that suits your wedding gown becomes the hardest thing for any bride. With so many gorgeous hairstyles available, it can be hard just to choose one. Getting married is the experience of a lifetime and everyone wants this day to be perfect. We all know, wedding hairdo is responsible for both making and breaking a stunning bridal look as it gives the finishing touch to your entire bridal outfit.  Also, it is difficult to do a trial run on every style to suit your wedding gown giving you a stunning look. So, follow these tips when you’re choosing your wedding hairstyle.

Let’s get busy!


  • Make a match

Your wedding hairstyle should perfectly match the formality and the style of your bridal dress. Building a hair relationship with wedding dress is the key part of looking and feeling good on your big day. Therefore, design the wedding dress first which is the core deciding factor of your hairstyle, accessories, everything. Don’t rush for the hairstyle that you saw at the TV show or movies. You must find the comfortable wedding dress that compliments and appoint a good wedding hairdresser that makes a great hairstyle that creates a great match with your wedding dress.

  • Be realistic

Being realistic is another thing you need to consider while getting yourself a stunning hairstyle. Talk with your hairdresser about your hair either it may be fine hair, or short hair and get a great style from them. Your hair has limitation depending upon the characteristic of your hair, so accept the truth rather than arguing with your hairdresser when it is virtually impossible. You can take a few hairstyles you like and show them and the remaining task is for them to decide whether it suits you or not.

  • Decide on your major accessories

If you are planning to wear a wedding veil or any other band on your outfit, take a consultation from your hairdresser. It is important to factor in the headdress before looking at the bridal hairstyles. Therefore, talk with your hairdresser about it and help them create a look that will incorporate your bridal accessories with your hairstyle and dress.

  • Take a trial

Taking a trial on every style is difficult but if you book a stylist a week ahead of your wedding day, it can result as a great option. Book a trial appointment and get an idea of what kind of hair is for you on your wedding day. It is very important to find which really suits you and gives you a stunning look. If you have good relationship with your stylist, do not hesitate to talk about the style you like along with the changes you would like to make. Hair salons are available with a complimentary service.

  • Consider length of your hair

If you have short hair, it can get you some seriously sexy and glamorous looks while if you have long hair, you can wear your hair up. Consult with your stylist, and also ask friends for help with trying the styles out.


The most important thing you need to remember is; enjoy every wedding look, and make sure you are happy with the style you choose. Your fiancé loves the way you are.


Good Luck!


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