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21 Dec 2016 blog

You would all love to dress in the outfit you have always fantasized about. And in that dress, you would want to attend your wedding – the most important day in your life. We all do!

You plan beforehand what you want to do with the party, people, place and all other important things required for this very beautiful day. Bride needs to look perfect, elegant, gorgeous, with the hint of regalia, and most important of all, a very happy and confident smile after all this is your day.

The dress envisioned by you, for you, can give you the most beautiful and confident look. With your ideas on the sketch, now is the time for the workings to be done for bringing your ideas to reality. You need to be involved in every step of the way to making your dream dress a reality.

There are few things you need to consider when you are looking for the perfect dress. Here is the list of attributes you can consider:


White is the classic color chosen mostly for wedding gowns, but you can opt to choose other colors as well, which can be vibrant or lighter natural colors. When choosing colors, you need to try and see if you can carry the dress with confidence or whether it suits you or not. For example, red may be a bold choice if you have the confidence to carry the dress with elegance and look stunningly classy and gorgeous.


Once the color choosing is done, now comes the time to choose the fabric for your perfect beautiful dress. You need to be very careful about this part as well. The choosing of fabric can be based on season, texture, style etc. Silk is a natural fabric material but you could also choose blends or synthetics. You choose a fabric and with design and all and in the end it may get heavier to carry so choosing lightweight materials for lower part of the gown might be beneficial.


You are inspired by certain celebrity or a certain movie and you want that style to be incorporated into your wedding dress. You can go for sleeveless or long-sleeved dress. Dresses with A-line, mermaid style, with beads or pearls embedded in the front or back, having trains according to your preferences, with laces and shoulder drops. Everything can be your choice, your feeling, and your confidence for your dress of the lifetime happiness.

Body Type

Sometimes your body type plays the part in you choosing the dress. You may love the design and the dress but your body type may play foul for you. You can adjust or choose to alter the dress according to your body type.

In terms of materializing their fantasy, a lot of women tend to compromise with their comfort, and even looks, upto a great extent. Consider these tips to make sure that you have the dress that fits you the best, and makes you look absolutely amazing.

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