Dresses for When You’re Not the Average Bride

When you aren’t the average bride, you don’t want the average dress. Modern brides can get away with a lot more in terms of non-traditional dresses than others. Here are a few ideas for those who want something a little different.

Get Some Wild Patterns

Floral prints are an excellent way to add some interest to what is otherwise a traditional wedding dress. If you still want some classic appeal, you can create a subdued palette of pastel colors. You can even go dark if you want something elegant, sophisticated, and dramatic. Finding a pattern that means something to you is a great way to personalize your dress.

The trick to choosing patterns is that the patterns shouldn’t be overly distracting or busy. Creating accent panels is a good way to add interest without overwhelming, such as a bodice.

Go for the Bright Colors

Bright colors are an excellent way to showcase yourself and your personality. What is your favorite color? Green? Blue? What color sets off your eyes or your complexion? No one is limited to white anymore; you can have any color you’ve ever dreamed of. Bright colors are often paired with lighter shades of bridesmaid dresses and décor.

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Look for Contrast

A black and white dress is the perfect statement for a monochrome wedding. Black, white, and gray are incredibly trendy right now, especially with another single color that pops. Put some bright purple or red flowers in your bouquet and all eyes are guaranteed to be on you.

Non-Traditional Cuts

It isn’t just about the color or the pattern. You can also look for some non-traditional cuts, such as scalloping and unique flair. Dress like a medieval princess or like a fairy — it’s all up to you. There are some billowy cut dresses you might want to consider or even some traditional cuts such as kimono gowns that could be eye-catching when modernized.

One of the ways you can find the perfect wedding dress is to look at other styles of dresses that you adore. You can bring these dresses to your tailor, and they can create the perfect wedding dress for you out of a combination of the most incredible features.

Your wedding dress should be as unique and exciting as you are. Creating a dress from “whole cloth” is one of the best ways to find the dress that is best-suited for you. Any dress can be turned into a wedding dress, with the appropriate work and material. If we can’t find you the perfect wedding dress, we can make you one. Contact us at TK Bridal & Alterations today to find out more.


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