Endless Floral Arrangements for Your Wedding

3 Feb 2017 blog

Flowers are used in every event and in weddings it is must. We use flowers in various purposes from corsages and boutonnieres to wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Flowers give natural feel to the event. Nobody can deny the role of flowers that is why we do not hesitate to use artificial flowers or imaging technology to mimic the essence of flowers.

Your wedding is approaching near. You want everything perfectly from bride’s bouquets to venue arrangement. Flowers set tone into wedding colors palette as well as elaborate your personal style. Choosing the beautiful floral arrangements for the venue to your wedding bouquets can be stressful sometime. And it turns out to be regretful if it is not the season of the flower of your choice. Bride’s bouquet is one of the centers of attraction. It should appear perfect with every photo taken and moreover, match the dress.

Wedding floral arrangement is no big deal. You can do it yourself but before that do not forget to design the patter and avoid being technical. It is good to consider the flowers that are currently available in the market. This will save your money, time and possible stress. Local flowers will also address your needs. It is wise to choose rose and carnations as they are available all the year and they do not wilt easily. Mixing colored flowers will also give nice look of your wedding bouquets and centerpieces or even in your cake decorations. The condition of flowers while receiving plays key role. Select complete and nice pieces. Do not refrigerate flowers. Keep them in clean water. Remove unnecessary leaves and foliage below water line.

Here are few ideas on centerpieces and floral arrangements.

    • Inverted gardens

Do not panic if you have indoor weeding reception. You can bring nature in even in such instance. Inverted gardens serve your purpose.

    • Floral wedding arches and aisle

Wedding arches will be a center during the ceremony. You can have arch completely covered with white flowers or green vine covering with white flowers in between and large vases with your favorite flowers mixed with similar scented flowers at the side. Decorate the aisle with vibrant flowers and petals at the lines. A flower marker at the start and end of the aisle enhances the look.

    • Floral backdrops

You can tape colorful flowers in between greenery from the bottom of the wall to ceiling providing great backdrops for photographs.

    • Floral chandeliers

Lighting is essential during your reception. Embellish the light fixtures with floral decorations hanging down giving the feel of chandeliers.  Arrange floral stems hanging upside down from the chandeliers provided with extra support.

    • Staircase display

You can decorate your long winding staircases with beautiful floral garland with a decorated cake displayed at the top center.

    • Hanging pomanders

It is suggested to use varying sizes and colors of pomanders hanging above the trees if it is outdoor based ceremony.

    • Table runners

You can make it simple and elegant at the same time. Use flowers with bold colors in between smaller flowers varieties in the glass vase of different shapes.  Use flowers in similar shapes and color for entire table to give the ombré effect.

  • Include greenery

You can add greenery in your outdoor wedding reception. Cover the beams of tent by using garlands of green plantations like ivy, maidenhair fern or boxwood. And hang in flowers from chandeliers giving natural calming vibe. Try to bring in small trees and give extra space for hanging décor items like crystal balls and mini chandeliers.

You can even use smaller flowers and foliage and turn it into mini bouquets that can be attached with card. Make floral crowns for you, your bridesmaids and even for flower girls, each with distinctive flower combinations.


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