Everything that movies taught me about weddings

18 Oct 2015 blog

Honestly, I don’t have a lot of firsthand experience with weddings. So, most of my understanding comes from watching movies and occasional episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Whether they are the ones getting married or just standing by the bride, you’ve got to sympathize with the stars of wedding comedies.

But, let’s face it, if movie weddings resembled anything close to the truth, I don’t think anyone would make it down the aisle. Grooms can’t keep it cool, and Brides, they turn into bridezilla. No one can manage to forever hold their peace. And, don’t even get me started on the long-suffering bridesmaids.

All you experienced wedding goers can tell me if I’m on the right track. But, I’m pretty sure I am though, since movies never lie, right?

So, let the wedding cliché bashing begin:

  1. Bridesmaid dresses can only make you look shitty. –27 dresses
  2. Even if you try to break up the bride and the groom, you’ll still get to be the maid of honor. –My Best Friend’s Wedding
  3. If you spend the whole night video-taping just the bride, nobody will think it’s weird. –Love Actually
  4. You can invite the other guy and dance with him in the woods and nobody will give a damn. – Twilight, Breaking Dawn, part 1
  5. If you decide to invite three men on your wedding, who might as well be your dad. Nothing will go wrong. –Mamma Mia!
  6. When you run into your ex at a wedding, you’ll end up having the time of your life. -500 days of summer
  7. If your family opposes your wedding, you should probably just kill yourself. –Romeo and Juliet
  8. Your future-in-laws won’t care if you use their son for green card. –The Proposal
  9. You can fight all you want and then be bride and bridesmaid in like five minutes. –Bride Wars
  10. It’s actually the father of the bride’s big day. – Father of the Bride

But wait! Come out from the world of screen. You know, there are mishaps and clichés in every wedding. But we can always relax knowing movie characters always have it worse.


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