Experts Tips on Wedding Dress Alterations

16 May 2016 blog

The big day is near, but your wedding gown doesn’t perfectly fit…. So what are you going to do now? The elegant fabrics and complicated designs of wedding gowns which make it look extremely beautiful are difficult to alter.

Getting married is the experience of a lifetime. Therefore, everyone wants to make this day perfect. But then, there’re these circumstances that can make things pretty annoying. Problem with the wedding dress is one of those situations. Here are some expert tips that might help brides to know about wedding gown and the perfect fit for the wedding day.


Focus on the Size that You Need, Not what You Want

Most of the brides think, a smaller dress size will motivate them to lose weight. Well, that can happen but if you can’t lose those pounds, you will get stuck with a dream dress that can’t be altered to fit. If size 5 clothes go well on your body, you need to look for wedding gown that is most likely to be of size 7. It will be difficult as well as expensive to take a dress that’s down by more than 2 sizes. Therefore, buy a dress as close to your body size and incase of alteration, check with a dressmaker before you buy.


When your Dress Needs To Be Altered

Make sure you have appointment with a professional six weeks prior to your wedding. Evening and weekend appointments are always the first to book up. In case of emergency last minute alterations, you will be charged a rush fee in some places. It will be best if you bring your shoes, undergarments and other accessories as well, with gown, for a fitting. It may not seem like bringing accessories matters but in reality it does. You may not want any shocking surprises when you put wedding dress at the wedding day.


Find a Trustworthy Person for Alteration

The best advice in this situation can be following the recommendation from the others who have had their work done and are pleased with results. Get fully satisfied by inspecting the samples of finished work the person has done. But, make sure the dressmaker specializes in bridal alteration. Get the initial estimation from the dressmaker and also ask for the cost of making any changes with the dress. Initial estimation goes close to initial pricing although you add some features or make any changes to the dress.


Look for the Dresses Popular for Outdoor Weddings

You have finished the dress alteration for outdoor weddings and looking for dresses that are popular for outdoor weddings? Well, the dress with cotton material having a shiny finish would be breathable and comfortable. Ignore full-length dresses on a beach as they may get damaged due to scratches from sand particles, and stains from water. Knee-length might be a great idea for outdoor weddings. Also, be conscious about how you will look during the wedding and how it can be preserved.


Dress Difficulties

Are some wedding dress materials difficult to alter? Well, yes, some fabrics are more challenging to alter than others. Fabrics like chiffon which is very delicate, and organza, which is very sheer are difficult to alter. You can take advice from the dressmaker about the selection of fabric..

Consider these helpful tips while planning for alterations. It’s one of the most important days of your life and you want that day to be exactly as you dreamed it.

Good Luck!


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