Helping Tips for Choosing Bridal Accessories

30 Aug 2016 blog

You’ve found your perfect gown but your stress doesn’t end here. The next step of stress is finding the right accessories that match your wedding gown. But, you need to know the very important first rule i.e. don’t overdo it; you don’t want all those metals to exceed you on the big day. The right accessories should boast your beautiful gown and make you feels fantastic on your big day. While choosing the accessories, make sure to try on as many as different accessories as you can since they look very different in the hair.

To make your accessories selection step easier, here are some of the helpful tips on how to choose the perfect wedding accessories.


Have your gown ready

Before jumping towards bridal accessories, you should get your bridal gown ready.  You may not want your chosen bridal accessories end up not going with your wedding gown. If you’re stuck with choosing wedding dress and not able to for further process, you can ask for dress designer or fitter. Bridal consultant knows very well about latest trends of gown designs along with their accessories collection and what pieces go best with that particular dress.


Get recommendation

You can also get the review from your friends and families who have already gone through this phase. They are the person who have already experienced this situation and are also great consultant of bridal accessories that goes well with your skin texture, wedding gown along with the hair style.


Get inspiration from movies

There’s no better place to seek inspiration than your favorite evergreen actress. All you need to do is find yourself a star match. Which Hepburn are you- Audrey or Katherine? Are you Marlin Moore? They are already there for you to inspire your look by wearing varieties of accessories. No one did it better than old Hollywood (or Bollywood).


Get a trial

You should try your accessories several times to identify whether it suits your skin texture best or not. You do not want all those metals to outshine you on your big day. If they don’t appeal you at first glance, the best option can be to try them on. When you place it on your body or hair, it may look different and end up being what you want.


Consider your hairstyle

Your hairstyle also plays a vital role in shining your bridal accessories at your wedding day. Before deciding any accessories, set up in your mind how your hair will be styled on that day. Normally, some brides use hairpin on a bun while hair combs look better with some hair tied up. If you’re wearing long, make sure your earrings can be seen properly while if you’re wearing your hair out, consider wearing a small earring.


Be yourself

The most universal tips for any bride or an individual are “always be you”. Choose those ones which look good on you rather than deciding after looking others or working on others’ decision. If you are not comfortable with any accessories, stick to what makes you comfortable and suits you.

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