How Do We Design Wedding Dress At TK Designs

, How Do We Design Wedding Dress At TK Designs, TK Bridal, TK Bridal

Choice dissimilarity due to gender is prominent. Boys have always been obsessed with bikes, and speed, while girls have a fetish for shopping. Girls invest enormous amount of time and energy, just for a casual shopping. You can imagine the time she invests in her wedding shopping.

As a girl, you will take a close look at every minor detail to make your wedding day ideal. But, your first priority will always be your wedding gown. From design to color, from fabric to embroidery; you don’t want to leave any area for inspection.

3 Basic Steps to Design a Wedding Dress


Careful planning is beneficial in every area. Randomness will not make, but break the motive. We carefully analyze every dimension before coming to the conclusion. We apply this rule while designing a wedding dress.

First we try to understand your comfort zone, your preferences and also find out what suits you better. Planning is not just constrained to length of wedding dress. We take care of design, color, stitches, fabrics and more. To be able to make choices you can go through the catalogs, available in our Atlanta Bridal Store. We have wide range of variations, so it will be easier for you to decide.


This is the second, but most important step when designing a wedding dress. Mass customization has saved maximum number of people from fashion faux. People didn’t have much choice before and had to abide by whatever was available.

Choices were limited back then. But, the era has changed today. Now you can get the clothes exactly the way you want. Design yours, Length yours, Color yours, Concept of embroidery yours. We at TK Bridal, only follow all your instructions to come up with a fantastic wedding dress design. Great, isn’t it?

So, frame your mind with the wedding dress that is appropriate for you. And we will customize in a same way.

Patching Up

This is the step that comes after deciding and instructing how you want your wedding dress to be. The provision of custom clothing service has definitely saved people from blunder.

Before taking your wedding dress home for a final wear, we will check if everything is in place and stitched properly. If not, we will alter it unless it fits you perfectly. After all it’s your Big Day, and we want you to look your best.


If you want us to design your wedding dress, call us at (404) 943-0037 today!


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