Is a Themed Wedding Right for You?

Today’s modern couples are opting to host spectacular themed events to showcase their marriage. But is a themed wedding right for you and your soon-to-be husband or wife? Read on to find out!

Wedding Theme Basics

Not every couple can pull off a unique theme without it looking corny and trite. Still, if you have your heart set on making a break from tradition, then you will want to be sure to follow some basic rules:

  • Make the theme your accent, not your focus. Remember this day is all about you! Don’t let the theme of your wedding overshadow you as a couple. Instead, use it to accentuate the setting, creating a day that will be memorable for all in attendance!
  • Choose a theme that showcases your personalities. Are you a quirky couple? Or more formal and reserved in nature? Let your personalities shine. Pick a theme for your day that tells people who you are as a couple!
  • Use your wedding theme to tie it all together. Wedding themes help create continuity of every aspect of the day. From the ceremony to cocktail hour and dinner to the party afterward, make sure that your theme flows in a way that ties it all together into one cohesive event.
  • Be subtle (but not too subtle). Subtlety is key when creating a theme for your wedding. But, don’t be too subtle about it or no one will notice. For instance, adding a bit of natural flora may look pretty, but does it actually yell “woodsy theme?” Be sure to use the elements you desire in subtle ways that bring the theme into every aspect of your day. This can be done by adding wood pieces to centerpieces, while adding some fresh greens to your cake table, etc. Look for small, yet meaningful ways to incorporate your theme into every detail — without being obnoxious about it! While you may not want to have live comic book characters roaming around your reception, pinning homemade paper flowers made from comic book pages to your groomsmen’s boutonnieres and bridesmaids bouquets while adding comic book related props to the photo booth can be a nice touch.

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Popular Themes for Today’s Modern Wedding

Thanks to Pinterest and other wedding-related websites, today’s bride can find thousands of ways to incorporate a themed approach to her wedding day. Not sure on how to proceed? Consider some of these popular ideas:

  • Rustic. This is a wedding theme that seems to be holding strong. This doesn’t mean you have to get married in a barn. Simply using natural woods and greenery is an excellent way to bring a rustic feel to an otherwise formal event.
  • Vintage. This is a classic look that doesn’t have to look old-fashioned (unless you want it to!). It usually requires plenty of lace and lighter colors like rose, ivory and slate grey.
  • Romantic. Your wedding should scream romance. This look uses plenty of flowers and soft hues.
  • Industrial. This is a more modern look being used by many urban brides. It usually incorporates more metal and glass into the scene.
  • Ethnic. Enhance your heritage by incorporating many of the rich colors, textures, designs, and traditions into your wedding day.

How to Choose a Wedding Theme

Not sure what theme is right for you? Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t just choose a theme for the sake of picking one. Make sure it is something that you love.
  • Pick something that showcases your personality (even if that means adding a few quirky aspects to the day).
  • Be sure it fits your budget. Sure, you may want a beach destination wedding, but can only afford a local affair. That’s okay! You can always add those beachy accents.
  • Use your theme to tell a story. Some brides have used their theme to tell their guests the story of their relationship or how they met their spouse, etc.

, Is a Themed Wedding Right for You?, TK Bridal, TK Bridal

Finding a Dress That Matches Your Theme Perfectly

Let’s face it, the wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of the day — and it must match the overall theme. For example, an all-lace gown fits well in a vintage themed wedding, while a flowy gown looks best on the beach.

Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing a dress that highlights your overall look? Let the expert staff at TK Bridal & Alterations show you a variety of dresses and styles that will look perfect against the backdrop of your day! Call today to make an appointment.


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