Some Dos and Don’ts of buying a wedding dress online

29 Mar 2016 blog

When it comes to wedding planning, shopping for a wedding dress is what every bride dreams of. Some prefer shopping a dress online while some prefer to visit a store and purchase.  Ordering a dress online seems quite convenient, unless you start realizing that products look quite different online than they appear in reality. Shopping a dress can be amazing as well as an equally stressful experience. The bad part is that it’s probably not going to be easy, while the good part is that it’s still going to be a memorable and wonderful experience. Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts to consider while buying your wedding dress online.


  1. Check the fabric:

The first task you need to do is check the fabric of the dress you like and get to know about the quality of the dress. If possible, ask them to send some samples before you place any order. Because sometimes the dress that looks beautiful online may not look good onto your flesh,also, the quality of the fabric also may not be good. Most of the online retailers use low quality fabrics, and advertise them in a low price. This is the most common way how online retailers keep their cost down.

  1. Send accurate measurement:

You won’t want your dress to be over sized; therefore, the best thing to do is to send your accurate measurement, so that they can make the dress that perfectly fits you. It’s true – no one really wants to measure themselves, but this is not the time for you to bend the truth. If you want to be comfortable with your dress, be honest about your size.

  1. Leave plenty of time for delivery:

This is the most common problem noticed while purchasing online, since lot of us are very used to the next day delivery culture. The same case is not possible when it comes to ordering a wedding dress. If your dress is custom made or shipped from abroad, this is absolutely important. You need to consider delivery time and consult with the retailer. You do not want to be stressing that it won’t arrive in time for the wedding. Therefore, make sure you include extra time as well as budget just in case that happens.

  1. Save some budget for alterations:

There may be a case when a dress chosen by you doesn’t look well on you, you may need few alterations and that it may not be perfect. In such situation, you might need to increase your budget for adding extra features, or to be prepared for incidentals.


  • Don’t ignore your usual style:

You might want to wear dresses of latest designs, but you must not forget your body shape or deviate from what looks good on you. When it comes to wedding dress, you need to look perfect and shining. So, don’t focus on the latest trend of the moment, if it doesn’t suit you, but instead, focus on your personal style and what flatters you the most.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions:

There should be an open conversation between you and the retailer. Don’t hesitate to pour your personal ideas and feelings regarding the designs of the wedding dress. They are present to help you and transform your imaginary dress into reality. Good communication is the key to having the dress you desire.


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