, 7 THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR WEDDING DRESS, TK Bridal, TK BridalThe wedding dress is special dress that you will ever wear in your life. You spend several months finding that dream wedding dress and pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy it or have it altered.

On your wedding day, you will have everyone’s eyes set on you, but after your big day, a question pops up in your mind. When will I be able to wear this dress again?

If your wedding celebrations have ended and you are wondering what to do with your wedding dress, here are a few tips for you.

Re-wear it
It is not necessary that you have to wear your wedding dress on your big day only. You can wear it even after the big day is over. Wearing your wedding dress on romantic occasions like anniversaries, helps to rejuvenate your married life. So, keep it safely in your closet, if you want to wear it on future special occasions.

Trash the dress
This is another thing you can do with your wedding dress.  I have seen many brides, who trash their wedding dress for the sake of really awesome photos. They make wonderful memories of their big day by taking pictures with use of water, mud, paint and so on, but ruin that special dress at the end of day. The choice is yours – would you ruin your dress for awesome wedding pictures?

After your wedding day, you do not want re-use your wedding dress, you can sell it and earn few bucks. There are various sites online where you can post your wedding dress for sale or you can sell it to a consignment shop.

Another great thing you can do with your wedding dress after your big day, is to transform it into tree skirts, christening dresses, cocktail dresses, hankies and even pillows. Besides that, you can make a memento using the embellishments of your gown.

Pack it & save it for your daughter
If you love your wedding dress so much you cannot bear to do anything to it, have it cleaned and packed. And then you can pass it down to your daughter or daughter-in-law in future.

This is one of the best ways to utilize your sentimental piece. You can give it to your friends or nieces or donate it for a noble cause. You can even donate it to local university or theater for their custom collection.

Preserve it as keepsake
Have it cleaned from dry cleaners and pack it into an archival box so that even after 30 years you can cherish those wonderful moments looking at the dress.


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