Tips for Choosing the Flower Girl Dress

7 Jan 2016 blog

A well-dressed flower girl makes a happy flower girl.

So, all eyes might be on the bride or groom as they walk down the aisle, but we all know the one guaranteed to get the most oohs and aaahs on your wedding day, is your flower girl.

Often the cutest, sweetest and best-dressed members of your wedding party, dressing your flower girls an opportunity to indulge your inner child, be a little playful and add another element to your wedding style. But unless you’re used to buying dress for little ones, it can be a little tricky.

Take note of these key pointers to create an ensemble that you’ll both love.


Dresses in lightweight fabrics will prevent your flower girl from overheating in the hot weather. And for the cooler months, you can always swathe her in richer material such as velvet.


While it’s cost effective to hire pageboy attire, flower girl dresses can be worn again, so they’re worth investing in.


On the day, suggest that your fairy princess to get dressed at the last minute, her ensemble will be wrinkle-free when it’s time for her to flit down the aisle.


If you’re wedding in autumn, swap petals in your flower girl’s basket for amber leaves. Give the older kids bubble blowers. (Sounds dreamy, right!!)


As, a thank you, present your little one with small piece of jewelry that she’ll hold dear for years to come.

Most importantly, make sure that she is comfortable. It doesn’t matter how young or old your flower girl is, you’ll still want her to be comfortable in her dress. Also, it is recommended to buy her flats (no matter how much she may beg for heels) that are made of patent leather. You can also dye the shoes to match accordingly with the color scheme of your wedding party.


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