9 Tips for Selecting Bridal Accessories

, 9 Tips for Selecting Bridal Accessories, TK Bridal, TK BridalYou’d think finding the perfect bridal gown was the end of your wedding day dilemma. Sadly, you have one other thing to add on to your list of anxiety – selecting bridal accessories that go with your gown. Alternatively, you could suck it up and look at it as an opportunity to make your wedding day look more memorable. Whether you see it buying bridal accessories as good or bad, we are here to help you in your decision in selecting the perfect bridal accessories.

  1. Have your gown ready. The last thing you’d want is to find the perfect accessory which ends up not going with your wedding gown. If you can’t decide on your dress or haven’t started searching for it yet, read our guidelines to choosing a bridal gown here.
  2. Seek inspiration from classic movies. There’s no better place to seek inspiration than your favorite timeless actress.
  3. Try them on. When you browse for your accessories, try them on even if they don’t appeal to you at first glance. Placing them on your body or hair may make it look different and end up being what you want.
  4. Consider your options for hair accessories. Tiaras aren’t the only accessory for brides – believe it or not! Bridal accessories range from fascinators to floral headpieces, classic veils to birdcage veils, and brooches to barrettes. Whats more, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg.
  5. Take hairstyle into consideration. For hair pieces, keep in mind how your hair will be styled on that day. Hair pins are normally used on a bun or chignon, while barrettes or hair combs look better with some hair tied up.
  6. Classic or vintage pieces go a long way. If you want to ensure that you won’t look back at your wedding photos in regret, it may be wise to go with classic accessories. You can also look at hand-crafted pieces that are well-made for a similar effect.
  7. Stay true to yourself. As it is easy to get carried away with the wedding craze and choose a piece that is very current but not necessary you, you may end up not looking or feeling like yourself on your wedding day. Wedding days are personal events which you should not use solely to impress others.
  8. Don’t be afraid to throw in some color. Color accents have gained popularity in the recent years, with colors ranging from a bold black for a late 50’s feel to pastel tones for romance. Bright colors add a dash of modernity to your bridal look.
  9. Silver or gold; match them with your gown. Gold jewelry normally goes with dresses with gold or champagne elements. Silver, the more popular choice, go well with white and ivory gowns.

Now that you know a little more about selecting bridal accessories, it’s time to hit the town or the World Wide Web to hunt for it!

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