, TIPS TO CHOOSE A PERFECT BRIDAL VEIL, TK Bridal, TK BridalFinding your dream wedding dress can be quite challenging. Finding accessories, especially the really visible bridal veil, to complement your wedding dress can be equally challenging.

Here are some tips to enhance the beauty of your wedding dress by choosing the right bridal veil to grace it.

  1.  Always choose the bridal gown before choosing your veil. We always complement the dress with a veil, not the other way round.
  2. Set a separate budget for the veil when you are calculating the budget for your wedding dress. Visit different online stores and boutique to end up with suitable estimate.
  3. Do not look for the veil at the last moment. Start at least 2 months before, so that you can try it out.
  4. Keep the length of your veil in mind. Shoulder length veil looks good on gowns which have details in the bust and waist area, whereas elbow length veil work well with Ball Gowns. Cathedral length veils are perfect for classic wedding gowns and waist length veil are suitable for dresses without train.
  5. Don’t forget to take your veil with you when you do your bridal hairstyle. Long and multi layered veils need hairdo. Make sure your veil matches your hair style and hair accessories. If you’re not sure discuss it with your hair stylist.
  6. Make sure that the veil you choose does not overshadow your wedding dress. Veil should complement your wedding dress not be the highlight on its own.
  7. Wear a veil with more than one layer of tulle if you want a romantic look or if your hairstyle is simple. But, if you are a petite size bride you should avoid a veil with too many layers. Go for a veil with one layer for a sophisticated look.
  8. If your bridal gown is heavily decorated with embroidery and sparkling stones, it’s better if you keep your veil simple. If your wedding dress is simple, you can choose ornate veils.
  9. Stay away from the veils which end at the point where your bodice begins as they cut you in half visually. If your waistline is sharply defined, avoid the veils that end at your waistline.
  10. Consider your height while choosing the veil. Cathedral length looks good on both tall and short girls. Avoid Fingertip veils if you are short as they make you look even shorter. Shoulder length veils go with all kinds of heights.
  11. Even if you think that a veil is not your cup of tea, don’t fixate on the idea of not getting it. You never know, you may like one. Here’s an interesting fact, a veil is known to make the Mother of the Bride cry!
  12. If you have chosen blush veil for your wedding, keep it slightly distant you’re your face, in order to avoid any lipstick stains. Also, it’s better to keep your blusher up to 30 inches so that your veil will not tangle up with your flowers.
  13. Styles of veils look different on different face shapes. If your face is round or square shaped, make sure your veil is at least shoulder length. If you have an oval shaped face, avoid using a veil with bigger length and breadth.
  14. Veil can also help to frame your body shape. For that, you need to choose your veil keeping the shape of your body in mind. Wear a long veil such as fingertip length if you have a large stomach or bust. Shoulder, elbow and waist length veils compliment pear shaped body. If you are full figured, avoid wearing veils with many layers as they add more volume to your body and stick to a single layer.
  15. Consider the location of your wedding while choosing the veil. Cathedral veil is perfect for formal weddings in church. Shorter veils always work best if you are having an outdoor wedding to avoid the wind issue.
  16. I also recommend you to consider width of the veil along with its height. Veils normally have 3 different widths. 54” veil looks good on dresses with detailed straps or sleeves. 72” veil goes well with shoestring strap bridal gownswhereas 108” veil is a perfect match for strapless dress.

I hope this helps you choose the perfect veil!


Image credit: Lars Plougmann


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