Top 6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaids Dress

A perfect wedding do not just end in a perfect dress for a bride. Dress for your bridesmaids’ should be equally given the importance to have a perfect wedding. You should discuss with your bridesmaids about their choices and your wedding theme and match them accordingly to end up with a nice bridesmaid dress. Apart from that, following are the few tips which you can follow to select a perfect bridesmaids dress for your BIG DAY!

Consider Bride’s Dress and Wedding Theme
Bridesmaid dresses should go with the theme of the wedding. It should neither overshadow bride’s dress nor should it be grim. It should complement the bride’s dress and the theme of the wedding. A bridesmaid in a taffeta skirt while a bride wearing a chiffon bridal dress would look odd.

Consider the Color
The skin tone of your entire bridesmaids may not be the same. The dress color which suits for white bridesmaids may not look cool on your dark skin toned bridesmaid. So, choose the color of the dress that suits every skin tone.

Consider Body Shape and Size
Apart from color, you should also consider style and shape of your bridesmaids. Your all bridesmaids may not have perfect figures like model. They are in different shapes and sizes. Mermaid gowns may look perfect on curvy bridesmaid but not on full figured bridesmaid. So, look for a style that flatters the bridesmaids of different shapes and sizes. Normally, A-line or empire dresses look well on all body types. Otherwise, you can also think about mixing up the dress.Selecting different style of dresses with same color and mixing them up might work well.

 Consider Length of the Dress
After deciding upon color and size, you should also work on the length of the dress. Make sure all your bridesmaids’ dress length is according to their height. It would look awkward if one of your bridesmaids wears tea length skirt and rest of them are on full length gowns.

Listen to Your Bridesmaids
It is not advisable to decide everything on your own. Take your bridesmaids opinion to make sure all are happy and comfortable with your choice of dress. If in case she is not happy find out the reasons and work on it.

Don’t Go Shopping at the Eleventh Hour
It is not a good idea go for shopping at the last moment for bridesmaid dress. You will not be able to find dresses that will satisfy all your bridesmaids. So, separate sufficient amount of time for shopping.

This is indeed a stressful exercise. However, I am hopeful above tips will help you to choose the perfect dress for your bridesmaid.


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