10 Trendy and Stylish Prom Dresses for the A-listers

10 Jul 2015 blog

Prom is considered one of the most magical nights of high school life and the prom dress acts as a magic potion that can transform you into a beautiful princess or malicious witch. So, the choice is all yours ladies, how you want to cast a spell on the fellow attenders.

This year is all about the elegance and sophistication, so get ready to bring out your inner fashionista!

Romantic fairy tale

Romantic FairytaleIf you’ve ever wished to be a princess from the fairy tales that you grew up reading, what better way to do it than prom night!

You can waltz your way through the crowd looking like a princess by choosing a gown with romantic colors like pink, red or baby blue. As this look has a lot of details, the jewelry and make up should be kept minimal




Vintage Charm
Vintage Glam

Channel your inner star with old Hollywood glam with long champagne-colored sequins or a navy blue colored shimmery dress. Do your makeup and hair like an old Hollywood diva at a red carpet.

You can look like a 50’s starlet and shimmer your way into the prom with this look and your charm, of course.



Lady Suits
Lady Suits

Guys aren’t the only ones who can look good in a suit! If worn the right way, girls can look even better than them.

This look is very unique and so you will definitely stand out. You can let your inner personality show in a suit by accessorizing and being super girly or keeping it chic and simple or being bold and wearing a tie or bow-tie on.

It is best to wear a tailored suit that can compliment your body perfectly.


Embellished Queen

Embellished Queen

Have you been nominated for Prom queen? If yes, this look is perfect for you. There is so much to experiment with on this look like feathers, shimmery cut outs and sparkly gems and pearls.

All you have to do is choose the dress length, either short and bold or long and elegant. With this look you will look like a diva and also the dress will really stand out under the lights on the dance floor.




Dark Romance
Dark Romance

If you want to look glamorous and edgy at the same time, this is the dress for you. Bring out your inner Goth-glam with a dark colored gown with lace or floral or shimmer.

This look is very trendy and mysterious at the same time. It will leave the others wondering about the mystery girl wearing the dress.




Lady in White
lady in white

White can be so many things, flirty, chic, pretty and romantic depending on the design and the use of material on the dress.

White is super trendy and can never go out of style. So, no need to worry about stacking it inside the closet after the prom, you can be creative and re-use it. All you have to do is fix your hair and makeup and wear the right set of accessories.



Black Swan

Black swan

Nothing can ever go wrong with a black dress that compliments your body. Black is the ultimate go to color. So, choose the right length, shape and material, that is best for you and you’re good to go.

While doing your hair and makeup, you can choose to be flirty or sexy or simple and you would look prom-worthy in either of them.



Black and WhiteBlack and white

If you’re confused about either to dress up in black or white, this look is definitely for you. The color combo is very trendy and perfect for prom.

If you want to look super glamorous, you can opt for a long gown. If you’re the flirty kind, you can choose a short dress. Or you can go for a printed black and white dress with a lot of patterns for an edgy and cool look.



Metallic Rockers

Metallic Rockers

This look is perfect for the Rockers in the house, the kind of girls who like to shine on but without being to girly. To try this look you can opt for colors like gun-metal or bronze shades and liquidy metallics.

With right hair and makeup and statement jewelry, you would be rocking your way into prom.



Playful MidisPlayful Midis

Mid-length skirts are perfect for the girls who can’t make up their mind about the length of the dress.

It isn’t short, neither long. You can be super creative with these calf-length dresses and may be wear a statement shoes. Opt for a fitted dress, which will look trendy and edgy.

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