24 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

, 24 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips, TK Bridal, TK BridalIt’s thrilling. It’s exciting. It’s also depressing when you can’t seem to come to a conclusive decision. Yes, wedding dress shopping is an actual roller coaster of emotions. Are you prepared for the ride?

Let us help the potentially frantic brides out there with the few wedding dress shopping tips we have to offer. With luck, nobody will get hurt, and your wedding dress shopping will be a breeze. Almost.

Wedding Dress Shipping Tips for Brides

Let’s start off with the basics. These are the pieces of advice you’ll have heard from every ex-bride out there, but didn’t take them seriously for whatever reasons. We’re here to tell you – they are very right!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: Basics

  1. Start your wedding dress hunt early. Like 8-10 months early!
  2. Know your budget and steer clear of anything out of your range. This will not only save you the misery of looking at something you can’t afford, but you will also be more efficient in hunting for that perfect wedding dress.
  3. Take into account any dress code beforehand. This is for when you have a wedding in a place of religious worship.
  4. Know what you want. Also equally important is to know what you don’t Take into consideration your taste, your body shape (what you know works for you) and even the wedding venue or season.
  5. Call your bridal store before visiting, so they can be better prepared for you. That way, the dress will be there for you to try on when you visit and you get to avoid a wasted trip. It’s a win-win situation.
  6. Be open to trying new things, such as the recommendations made by the bridal store. You’d be surprised at how wedding dresses are not always love-at-first-sight-on-the-hanger but love-at-first-sight-when-you-try-it-on.
  7. Go wedding dress shopping during an unpopular time to avoid the crowd. It’s not the most exciting thing to do, but it will be worth the peace.
  8. Don’t buy a smaller dress size. Remember the golden rule: It’s easier, and thus less-expensive, to take in a dress than to let out a few sizes.
  9. Come prepared to the bridal fitting, nude bra et al.
  10. Bring one or two people you trust to your bridal fitting. You will definitely need some second and third opinions from people who don’t stand to gain anything from buying a more expensive wedding dress…
  11. The final wedding dress or “The One” should be something you fall in love with. Finding yourself second guessing? Try on another one.
, 24 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips, TK Bridal, TK Bridal

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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: Saving Money

Wedding dresses can cost from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars – it’s ridiculous! Regardless of which ever price range of wedding dress you intend on buying, it’s always a good ideato know how you can cut down on the expense and leave some room in your wedding budget for other stuff. Use these wedding dress shopping tips to save that extra few hundred dollars on your final purchase.

  1. Go for less elaborate wedding dress designs if you want to save money. Less embellished and less detailed gowns are also less expensive for obvious reasons. You can always accessorize to even out the look!
  2. Replicate the too-expensive designer gown you are dying to wear on your big day by going to a designer (original or other). Opt for a less expensive fabric or skip out some of the pricey bits of the dress you don’t need like the heavily embellished bodice, or a really long train.
  3. Select a silhouette that isn’t very formal. E.g. A ball gown wedding dress will undoubtedly cost you a lot more than a wedding dress cut in casual shape because the former requires a lot more material and styling.
  4. Look out for sales to get MAJOR discounts. Got a favorite designer? Aim for winter/summer sales or go to their trunk shows. You won’t always get discounts during trunk shows but you may receive a few other perks that others won’t!
  5. Buy a dress from someone else. Yes, there are brides who change their mind. What they have to offer may be just what you’re looking for.
  6. Get that floor sample (in good condition). Getting a floor sample (the dress which you tried on) instead of a fresh new piece could save you as much as 50% of the retail price. Results depend on your ability to negotiate with the store owner, so brush up on that skill!
  7. Corset-backs will save you on alterations, because it’s adjustable.
  8. Keep your eyes peeled for promotional giveaways, discounts and the like by wedding vendors. Follow them on social media platforms to always stay updated!
  9. Charge your wedding dress to your credit card to enjoy potential perks. That honeymoon destination could look more and more likely with each passing day.
, 24 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips, TK Bridal, TK Bridal

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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: Alterations

Making alterations to your dress is more or less a mandatory step in the bridal world of today. Why? It’s very likely your wedding dress won’t fit you perfectly in certain areas – and you want to look flawless. But it is what it is too, which is one more area you need to spend time and money on. Here’s how we think you can make the best of your wedding dress alterations!

  1. Schedule your appointment for minor alterations closer to your wedding date. That way, you won’t have to go back and forth on the alterations due to your body size fluctuations.
  2. Allow at least 8 weeks for your alterations to be completed.
  3. Visit a reputed bridal store or see someone who specializes in handling wedding dresses when making the alterations.
  4. Custom-making your wedding dress? Think way ahead. Heavily-embellished gowns can take up to a year to make. Others can take 6-8 months.
  5. If you are making major changes to the wedding dress (think changing up the style of a floor sample, or a family heirloom wedding dress), allow a longer period of time for the bridal store to make the changes. Make your bridal alterations appointment early so there won’t be rushed work on your gown.

For more tips on bridal alterations, click here.


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