Mother of the Bride/Groom dress tips

13 Dec 2015 blog

What’s a mother to wear on the wedding day? (Almost)Anything!

It’s only natural that you want to look amazing on the day your son or daughter gets married. Because while it’s true that all eyes would be on the bride, it would also be on you.  And those days are gone when moms were expected to look matronly, along with the colorless advice that the mother of the groom should wear beige, unless that’s her color. What’s in is Fashionable, Tasteful and Age-appropriate.

These days, virtually anything goes- formal gown, short or long dress, skirt and jacket ensemble, as long as it matches the style and feel of the wedding. Whether you are the bride trying to help her mom to find the perfect look for the wedding.

Consult the Couple

The best way to start is by talking to the-to-be-weds about the kind of wedding they are planning to have. About how formal it is going to be, the themes, the overall style they are going for, and what color palette they are thinking about or selected. Since, pictures are always better than words, ask them to share some of the photos they’ve pinned to their inspiration board. So that you can have a visual guide as well to help get your search started in the right direction.

Don’t wait till the last minute

We recommend you start searching around the six-month mark, by the time the wedding couple would have already selected (or are very close to selecting) their own attire as well as the bridal party’s look. It’s better that you wait until the couple has made those important decisions before you officially purchase your outfits, to make sure that you can coordinate accordingly.

Consider the colors

Traditionally, the mother of the bride should complement the wedding party’s color (though not necessarily match). So, it’s better to wait until the bride has selected her wedding dress or the bridesmaid dress for that matter. See if you can get a swatch of their fabric to take it with you- it can be very helpful when looking for a harmonizing hue.

Coordinate with your future-in-laws

It’s a bit traditional but initially the mother-of-the-bride chooses her outfit, setting a tone for what the mother-of-the-groom will wear. But nowadays, who buys the outfit first doesn’t matter, as long as both of them are comfortable and feel great. You and your future-in-laws don’t necessarily have to match, but make sure that you don’t clash either. If you guys get along well, you can also go for shopping together that will also give you some bonding time together. And if you discover you both want to wear the same color, you can go for a different shades of hue for an easy compromise.

Ultimately, the dress etiquette for the mothers of the-to-be-weds shouldn’t matter as long as they are happy and comfortable in what they wear. However, getting prior approval for the dress from the bride-to-be is a surefire way to know that you will be dressed appropriately.


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