Wedding with a beautiful bump

4 Sep 2015 blog

A few pieces of advice for the pregnant bride

Well, a huge congrats is in order! First of all, on your close at hand marriage, and secondly,on the tremendous news that you are about to venture on the journey of parenthood.

Being a bride and celebrating your love with another person is a beautiful and special moment. Most girls start dreaming about their wedding day since their childhood. Even though, traditionally, girls do not dream about being pregnant on their wedding day, sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we plan. Being pregnant is the most cherished moment in a girl’s life. It definitely calls for a celebration with the friends and family.

Both milestones, if reached at the same time, can be nerve-racking. It’s easy to understand that, as a pregnant bride, you are feeling stressed out about planning a wedding. Here’s what to expect, when you’re expecting.

Timing is the key

Let’s face it; morning sickness combined with wedding day is a total horror scene. So, if possible, try to schedule your wedding during your second trimester. By this point, hopefully, the worst of your symptoms will be gone, but you still won’t feel like you’re hauling a watermelon onto the dance floor with you. Being a pregnant bride gives you double the reason to celebrate, but also, often half the energy to do it. A morning or daytime wedding might be more up your alley, if you tend to get tired as the day goes on.

 Choosing the Gown

Your comfort should be your first priority. Select a fabric that breathes. Leave out fabrics that are too stiff, and don’t even think about squeezing yourself into a smaller gown to look slimmer. A good gown designer can take one look at your fabulous form and style a bodice and front panels,which show off your tummy with beading, a great cut, support and fabrics that shimmer and shine. Don’t forget about your best features! If your shoulders and arms are much-envied among your friends, try a halter top as your dress. Talk with your gown stylist about playing with your best features. While you certainly can, be careful if you choose to go big with a ball gown – it’s tough to use the bathroom in one,even when you don’t have to go every 20 minutes!

Buy Two Pairs

As far as the shoes go, you may need to pump up your size by half, or even twice the original size. If you know your feet and the swelling propensities, you can buy two pairs of shoes; buy a pair for your normal day size, and the second pair a little larger,for the switch later in the day. Go with comfortable flats that will allow you to stand for a good period of time, without making you feel even more achy and tired.

The Virgin Bar

Being a pregnant bride means that you won’t be able to partake in the old-age tradition of getting hammered at your wedding. As it is extremely important that you stay hydrated throughout the day, make sure that you drink a lot of fluids to get you through. Ask your wedding venue to include virgin cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages for the reception. That way, you won’t feel left out from all the fun, during speeches and toast.

One Ring to Fool Them All

Pregnancy tends to make women swell, and your fingers won’t be immune to this as well. Consider having a second ‘fake’ ring designed for your ceremony, and the duration of your pregnancy,which will fit around your swollen fingers. Store the real ring or wear it on a necklace, until your fingers get back to their normal size.

From choosing the right caterer to picking the most fabulous flowers, to make your seating chart look perfect, wedding planning can be pretty nerve-racking. Stress and pregnancy is a great combo, so consider toning down the party to something you can handle more easily. Or ask a helpful friend (or that fabulous fiancé of yours) to take on some of the tougher tasks. You could also hire a professional wedding planner for the day. Mostly, it’s your day, don’t forget to have fun!


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