What does your prom dress say about you?

6 Nov 2015 blog

Picking out the perfect prom dress can be a hellish experience, especially when you know that you’ll be remembered by what you wear. You’ll be photographed and people will see it on Facebook and if you chose not to destroy the evidence, even your grandchildren will see what threads you wore for the occasion.

So, it is very important that the dress that you choose has to reflect your personality as well as help you stand out. We know that you must be majorly stressing over what you will be dressed in. But don’t you worry; we’re here at your service. We’ve narrowed down your options-here are five ways you can send the message through your dress.

 The ball gown

Hear! Hear! Here comes the princess. So, you’re a princess and you’re vying for some sort of a crown. Generally, when someone chooses the ball gown, it means that she is trying to bring the royal flare. Well, ball gown wearers are keen on being seen, and seen they will be. Not only do these dresses weigh a ton, these babies use enough textile to make another full length dress. That’s how much work needs to be done in these dresses. Ball gowns have a tendency to outwear the wearer itself, so any girl who can pull of this look sure deserves a tiara.

 The mermaid dress

Ah! The mermaid dress! The kind of dress that can make you swim your way through the center of attention. This dress is as I like to call it the preamble to bodycon. The specific cut of the dress flares down to the hem but also contours the whole body which means that it will give you the liberty of showing off your curves while complying with the Catholic School Dress Codes. The mermaid dress even though a very popular bridal silhouette, can be worn by those girls whose figure started to bloom early (Arrrgghh! Now we envy you). You’re not a girl not yet a woman but you sure have the body of one. This dress is a bit alienating as it isn’t for everyone. So, secretly you must be after some crown as well, aren’t you?

 The A-line Dress

The A-line is considered one of the most universally flattering dresses in the prom world. You can wear it, I can wear it, and probably even the chaperone teacher can wear it. This dress is so safe and flattering that anyone can wear it. Because it’s so obvious, many avoid it when the season blooms, but eventually they turn out to being the outliers. Bonus point if the dress is cut just above the knees, because you’re obviously aware of the cardinal rule when it comes to dress events; it’s not about the length but the breadth. The second rule applies to those who care a little too much about Instagram -let’s be real, at this point of time who doesn’t? This shape is about 90 percent angle proof. If you have that in you, you’re set for life.

 The Halter Dress

Girl, I can see that you’ve been listening way too much to Justin Timberlake. The sexy backs, for the non-fans out there is also a way to sidestep the dress code. You realize prom is a great opportunity to go big and have fun. A modest dip rather than a raunchy dive is the key here. Baby steps, little ones. Baby steps.

After high school there is a long dry spell of fancy events to go to, as far as formal wear is concerned. So, use this opportunity to really go for it with your formal wear. And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun.


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