What your wedding dress says about you?

21 Jul 2015 blog

Style is one of the easiest and most effective ways to express your personality and individuality in particular. It speaks volume about your likes, dislikes, taste and aspirations. No ensemble says more about a woman than her wedding dress- all zipped up into one pretty, little ivory package.

So, what does your wedding dress say about you? Are you elegant? Are you chic? Let’s find out, shall we…

Dazzling Ball Gown

You’re a hopeless romantic, still pretty much into the idea of fairy tales, and you cannot wait to see the look on his face when he sees you in your dress. You must be planning a wedding with a lot of romantic, fairytale details, like petal-covered aisle, horse drawn carriage and a charming prince waiting for you at the end of the aisle. Well deserved wedding for the princess that you are.

Classic A-line

You like to keep things to the minimal, nothing over the top. You want to look put-together and traditional without having to go much into the details. You want everything to be traditional and vibrant. So you will make sure that you have all the elements of a classic wedding: a veil, roses, and of course, ‘something blue.’


You’re not afraid to go against the convention; you like to come up with your own style.  You have a strong sense of fashion, you’re bold and independent, and not the one to follow the crowd. Your wedding just like you would be totally unpredictable and unconventional. You’ll probably have a ceremony at a totally chic place and followed by an intimate dinner with close friends and family.


Short wedding dress indicates practicality. You are constantly in motion and need to be comfortable in whatever you wear. You are probably a city girl who likes the idea of wearing a dress that you can wear, over and over. You are more into the idea of urban life, so your wedding will definitely reflect that. Your wedding will be simple, sophisticated and totally modern.

An empire waist gown

You like diversity, you like exploring new and different tastes in places and food. You are a hippie chick at heart, and it easily shows on how you carry yourself.  You have that cool factor down right. Your wedding will be totally boho-chic, regardless of the venue. Outdoors will play a big role though, whether it is in a park or a beach. You’ll have a lot of floral decorations, and it will definitely make things perfect. And people wouldn’t be surprised if you served pies instead of cake at the wedding.

Blush pink gown

You are super feminine, but also independent and bold. You are the type of person who takes everyone’s feeling into account while making decisions, but in the end, you listen to your heart. Your wedding will probably take place in spring with a ton of floral arrangements. Outdoors are the way for you, we’re guessing perhaps a garden or a vineyard.

Fit and flare

Fit and flare indicates that you are fun loving and free spirited. You want to have fun as well as make sure that others are enjoying along with you. You’re all about throwing amazing parties with great music, food and perfect décor. On your wedding day, you want to make sure that nobody wants to get off the dance floor.

Satiny and Slinky

You want to be bridal, but appear extremely hot while doing so. Slinky material shows that you are daring and willing to show everyone that what they’re seeing is worth it.  And you probably are, because slinky fabric doesn’t look good on most people, and it’s a big no no for body conscious people.


You have a great personality, and aren’t afraid to express yourself and make your demands known. You are someone who knows how to make sure you get the things you want. Your wedding will be very lively, full of playful details in a variety of vibrant colors. You will like a non- traditional location, like an amusement park, aquarium or a zoo.


You are a retro diva; you like watching old movies and spend your time at the flea market and vintage stores shopping. Your inspiration is the Audrey Hepburn of the world, women who embrace individuality. You like vintage and retro details, so your wedding will also be totally retro inspired. You might wear the jewelry borrowed from your mother or grandmother. Your wedding will be timeless and elegant, but still personal. People will want to invite themselves to your party.

Every individual has their personal style, and while choosing the wedding dress, make sure you choose something that reflects your personality. And let your dress speak for itself.


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