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Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. These dreams are usually filled with flowers, lace and a handsome man waiting at the end of an aisle, but the most anticipated detail has always been the wedding dress. Now that you’re all grown up, the professionals at TK Bridal & Alterations are here to help you find or create the dress you’ve always imagined.


Custom wedding dresses

All our Custom wedding dresses will be in Your Custom Measurements, Look, and Needs!

Bridal gowns for reception

TK Bridal has a reception dress to accommodate the party aspect of the wedding.

Bridal accessories

TK Bridal can help complete your bridal look with the perfect wedding accessories.

We at TK Bridal & Alterations are here to help you find or create the dress you’ve always imagined

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Pollardi Collection

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Daria-Karlozi Collection

Daria Karlozi 1

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Ida Torez Collection

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Liretta Collection

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Enzoani Collection


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Eddy K Collection


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Our staff has over 30 years of experience creating, altering, and selling wedding dresses of the highest quality.

To book a fitting for a custom wedding dress or work directly with our design consultant, give our bridal shop a call at (404) 943-0037.