Choosing a right wedding gown for your body type

A wedding is one of the most romantic, unforgettable and special days of a woman’s life. Everything related to wedding is special. It takes months and months of planning for this one special day and you pray that nothing goes wrong. And wedding dress is, without doubt, the most essential part of your wedding. For most women, this is may be their only chance to fulfill their childhood fantasy of becoming a princess.

Wedding dress is not just an expensive gown, but it is a symbol of affection and love that we share with our partner. The dress has to be just perfect. How it makes you feel must be the deciding factor when choosing the right gown. Therefore, you need to know your body type to end up with a flattering dress. To help you with it, below are some common body types and the complimenting style.

Pear shaped body type

Do you have a small waist with a bigger lower half? If yes, then you should choose a wedding dress that flatters your top section. You should highlight your smaller waist and balance the bottom part with a full skirt. A wedding dress with spaghetti-strap bodice or a V-neckline looks best on pear shaped body types, because it beautifully highlights your slender upper body. However, pear shaped brides should avoid fishtail hem style.

Banana shaped body type

If you have a banana shape frame, you should go for trumpet and mermaid styles as it helps to create curves. You can also enhance your bust with ruffles and embellishments. However, ballroom gowns should be avoided by the banana shaped body types.

Apple shaped body type

Apple shaped body types are the most voluptuous as they are larger in the bust. So, opt for dresses with deep V plunging necklines, as it draws attention to your upper part and accentuates your bust line. As, princess-line and Basque dresses draw too much attention to your middle and make you look heavier, avoid these styles.

Hourglass shaped body type

Hourglass shaped brides should take advantage of it and show off their curves.  Mermaid styles look best on the hourglass figure. But, you should stay away from empire waist dresses because it will make you look heavier.

To get a perfect wedding dress that fits you just right, you should choose a dress that flatters your figure. Therefore, it is imperative that you know your body type before you start shopping.



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