How to Choose a Perfect Bridal Gown for Petite Brides?

No bride wants to look small on their wedding day. Moreover, fitting a petite frame in a wedding dress can sometimes become quite a task. Petite brides tend to get lost beneath the dress if not fitted the body perfectly. Big, puffy, and ruffled gowns can be way too overwhelming for petite brides. Hence, wedding dresses that create the illusion of a long torso are ideal for these brides.

If you are a petite bride, have a quick look at these simple tips to get the right gown for your ‘Big Day’.

  • Before you hunt for your wedding dress, search the bridal gown boutiques like ours in your area first which sells or make petite size wedding dress.
  • If a regular sized wedding dress requires a lot of alteration to fit on your body, do not purchase it.
  • Go for vertical details such as pleated bodice, vertical seam and cascading ruffles. They draw attention to downward creating illusion of height.
  • Avoid heavy detailing and use of heavy materials. Undoubtedly, detailed beadwork and embroidery helps to make your dream dress more appealing but these are not your cup of tea. More the details, more you will look bustier and shorter. It’s not that you have to completely avoid detailing; you can have few beads and ruffles but keep them to minimum.
  • Drop-waist and calf-length designs can make you look visually shorter. So, it’s better to avoid them and go for a natural waistline.
  • Your dream dress may look beautiful when worn by models in glossy magazines and internet but it may not look same on you. So, forget about ball gowns and puffy skirts, if you are petite sized bride, rather choose straight seath or A-line silhouette. A gown that is fitted and has flares helps you to look taller.
  • Sleevless gowns look nice on petite brides but not the gowns with puffy sleeves, so avoid them.


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