Top 3 Wedding Theme Ideas for a Unique Wedding

Everyone wants a grand wedding affair. Being the center of attention during this day, we strive to look our best and expect everything to be perfect. We’re not sure what force drives us towards it but we go all-out for weddings and invest our level best in making the day as perfect as we can – be it in the form of our wedding gowns, makeup, accessories, ornaments or others.

Whether it’s hair, makeup or shoes, we want to dazzle throughout the night, and it doesn’t end there. An equally attractive party venue is a must. And how else can you make your wedding ambience more memorable than by introducing a wedding theme?

Throw in these wedding theme ideas for an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Top 3 Wedding Theme Ideas that will make Your Day Unique

, Top 3 Wedding Theme Ideas for a Unique Wedding, TK Bridal, TK Bridal1. Beach Theme: We all love the beach because it is a place of rest and relaxation. How great, not to mention unique, would it be to throw a wedding celebration by the sea? You could commence with the ceremony whilst enjoying the crash of the waves or even get a little tipsy later on and dance like crazy on the sandy shores.

The setting which is cool in itself adds a fun and relaxed element to your wedding. Ask your guests come to the ceremony with a beach theme. For the color motif, suggest they come dressed in something blue that perfectly reflects the color of ocean. You know what tradition says; blue is the color that brings luck to the wedded couple.

Things to consider for beach wedding themes

  • Time of day when you wish to have your celebration
  • Tide schedule
  • Type of weather
  • Facilities available nearby, in case the rain decides to interfere with your wedding festivity

2. Angel Theme
: There must be not a single individual who hasn’t had a fantasy about being an angel at some point in their lives. The concept of angels is so inviting; we want to be like them. That fluffy white dress with wings in the back nothing but mesmerizes us.

This theme would be a major attraction for the wedding attendees. Who wouldn’t want to be an angel for a day? Plan your wedding ceremony around this charming fairy wedding theme. Ask guests to come dressed as angels. As for the color motif, white, pink or lavender will work well with the overall theme.

Things to consider in angel wedding themes

  • Outdoor venue with big garden, butterfly sanctuary or even a backyard
  • Light foods and wines
  • Well-decorated venue.

, Top 3 Wedding Theme Ideas for a Unique Wedding, TK Bridal, TK Bridal3. Pirate Theme : Ever heard of attending a wedding as a pirate? Sounds eccentric, doesn’t it? Even though it feels unconventional, pirate themes have the potential to be an awesome idea for your wedding. You’ll be making your wedding more daring and adventurous for both yourself and your guests. Moreover, with Pirates of Caribbean being so popular, your guests would certainly want to be Jack Sparrow for a day.

Pirates weren’t famous for their table manners, so a buffet style dinner would be more suitable. For the color motif, black and brown would be your best options. Make sure your guests do not miss the essential hat and boots!

Things to consider in pirate wedding themes

  • Finger foods and lots of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Different pirate names/facts so each guest at a table has a different pirate
  • Rugged party venue over decent venues

These three wedding theme ideas are definitely not your only options. Expand your choices by sourcing for more ideas online to find the wedding theme that exhilarates and excites you the most!

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