Top Wedding Gown Trends for 2016

30 Aug 2016 blog

Getting married is a one-time experience in a lifetime and everyone wants to make this day perfect and memorable. And, wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding. It is one thing that comes first in every individual’s mind, when we envision our wedding day. Therefore, if you are getting married in 2016, we have some of the wedding trends you can try. It can help you find something that you can incorporate in your wedding dress.

So, let’s check out some of the top 2016 wedding dress trends. Let’s get busy!


Dipped V Neckline

Wedding dresses with Dipped V Neckline is one of the hottest trends as it flatters your upper body and draws out your frame. Delicate dipped V with scalloped lace provides every bride an ultra-feminine look while a sleek V provides you a sexy look with a curve slimming outfit. If you are thinking of wearing this dress on your big day, you need to make sure you have Top-stick tape handy the day of wedding.


Cropped Tops

A wedding dress with crop tops is the combination of casual and modern style which will give you an outstanding look with just silver on skin on your wedding day. This is the latest trend which accentuate and draws attention on your waist. Lots of people hesitate to wear this trend at the first glance. But, don’t hesitate to mix and match. Initially, you might think that two pieces won’t go good together but, after you get it on you’ll be surprised to discover how incredible different textures can look.


Floral Prints

If you are looking for feminine and romantic gown, go for floral printed wedding gown. This amazing gown is going to bloom your big day in an unexpected way. Fall and winter brides will look stunning in romantic floral printed dress. Whether done as intricate embroidery or painted onto fabric, floral printed dress is a trending gown which looks good on any style.


Off-The Shoulder Gowns

Off- the shoulder gown is definitely going to bring out the classic look on you. This trend flatters your upper body and perfectly draws out your frame. It is a gorgeous way to brings over the top feminine detail and add movement to your gown.


Bridal Suits

Bridal suits are the hottest trend which is not actually a dress at all while it’s a two piece suit. This dress is the combination of causal and trendy style which gives bride a cool and killer looks. The brides put a trouser in a whole new light giving a perfect look at their wedding day.


High Collars

A wedding dress with high collar gives bride a gorgeous fashion look. This wedding dress goes with the scalloped lace for a legal feel. It also goes really well with a sleek one made of satin. If you are looking for jewelry that looks great on this, you can try statement earrings. Regarding hairstyle, a windswept up-do will perfectly complement this trend.


What more trendy style comes in your mind while talking about wedding gown? You are welcome to share in the comments below.


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