Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for Girls (2015)

, Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for Girls (2015), TK Bridal, TK Bridal

Now that we have entered 2015, the month of love awaits us to grant new experiences. Reminiscing the days back in the 18th century, people marked this as an occasion for lovers to express their affection. Of course, presently, the day has evolved to have different meanings to different people. No matter the evolution of ideas, the Valentine’s Day has not lost its basic purpose; to spread love and affection.

Whether you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day party for the little ones, or simply trying to get your household into the loving spirit, dressing sensibly is the ultimate way to make your day special. Transforming your place into a Valentine’s Day haven is, certainly, harder than it looks, but it’s in your hands to create a moment that becomes tomorrow’s memory.

With the day of the love and passion just around the corner, you are spaced out. You have too many questions. Finding something ideal to wear for a normal night out is pretty hard, so chances are, you’re really struggling to decide what to wear on Valentine’s Day.

So, let me just take some pressure off from your shoulders, to help you overcome this big day. Here are some of the valentine’s day outfit ideas; you may want to have for the year 2015.

Party wears

You may definitely have a party scheduled for the upcoming valentine. Every party girl needs a dress that’s impactful enough, to make a bold statement in those special events. Here, I have wide range of eye-catching dresses that will make sure that all eyes are on you. This valentine is all about velvet, lace and sequins to give you a standout silhouette. Here are the party wears you may wish to opt for this valentine’s day.

, Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for Girls (2015), TK Bridal, TK Bridal

Sequins and its sparkle

The demand of Sequins has increased over the past few years. The sparkle of the sequins is just enough to hypnotize the people to have it in their closets. If you are going for a late night party, then you can opt for the sequins. The sequins are one of those dresses that can make you look elegantly fashionable.

Red, pink and white are quintessential colors for Valentine’s Day. So, an ensemble that encompasses all three is an enormous achievement. Subtle sequin detailing gives this ensemble a deserved look, that’s totally off the hook. Sequins are right on-trend currently, so pick up a sparkly skirt to add a little wow-factor to your look.

, Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for Girls (2015), TK Bridal, TK Bridal

Lace dress

Very few fabrics are quite as romantic as lace, thus, making it a Valentine’s Day favorite can be a smart choice. Experimenting by mixing pink with your dress is a great way to pay tribute to this holiday, without incorporating overbearing shades of red. If you want to opt for a girly look, you must consider the lace dress. The lace in a palette of whites, pastels and black that gives you the knock-out look, you wish for.

While vintage lace is coveted for its characteristic appeal, a new body-con lace dress is a fitting choice for a Valentine’s Day date. So, go ahead and explore on what this fabric has to offer for the enhanced look.

, Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for Girls (2015), TK Bridal, TK Bridal

Classy dress

The sweet and sophisticated Silver Belle of the Ball Dress can help you make a statement among your high profile friends and colleagues. The swanky V-neck party dress, silver tinsel embroidery with pewter metallic belt, crocheted lace, pleated skirt, white and silver, is just a perfect wear for the special Valentine’s Day party.

The pencil skirt and chiffon fabrics will inspire you to get along with the trend. There’s something about those dresses that will make you look elegant, chic, and edgy. You can also break free with that maxi dress that you love so much (But haven’t worn because you haven’t had an occasion to wear it yet). The main idea is to look great and fashionable, without being too loud.

You could also check out dresses that are blue in color. Blue stands for freedom. The Asymmetric Royal Blue Dress may prove to be perfectly fit for the night outs, or any special event that takes place on this day.


Valentine’s Day is especially dedicated to the lovebirds. So, the chances are you may have a date with your beau to celebrate this special day. If that’s the case, you should not allow outfits to be an obstacle on the way to making your day memorable. Here are some of the ‘outfit ideas for a date’ you may wish to try on this Valentine’s Day.

, Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for Girls (2015), TK Bridal, TK Bridal

Red dress

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, red charts off all the dress colors. No matter the age, any fashionista would definitely recommend you to consider one of those red dresses. Red is the color that depicts the holiday of love and passion. The legend says that if you want to have luck in your love life, you should wear something red on this day. If you believe in myths and legends, you may want to consider updating your wardrobe with few red sets of clothes.

The color red gives you the freedom to choose an outfit that accentuates your good bits and conceals the bits you don’t like. For example, if you don’t like your bottom half, draw the attention of your partner to your top half; by wearing red colored clothes up top or an amazing piece of bling around your neck. The little of red at the bottom or the top, definitely, brightens your look. Remember, opting for a complete red look may create a wrong impression. If you’re feeling more girly, opt for pink.

, Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for Girls (2015), TK Bridal, TK Bridal

Something white

Year after year, season after season, we just can’t get enough of the all-white trend. There’s just something so crisp and cool about the color, we can’t help but fall in love with, every time we see it. And even though we know an entirely white outfit is a recipe for disaster (no matter how hard you try, you will always manage to get it dirty), we choose not to care.

You can opt to choose something simple as a turtleneck dress, which I believe would look incredible on anyone. The simple styling of the dress is what it’s valued for. While you’re tempting to reach for your beloved red dress, you’ll be satisfied knowing that you can dabble in new ideas.

Ballerina inspired skirt

You may be hesitant to vote in favor of this idea. But trust me; it’s going to look great when you mix this outfit with right kind of attitude. My sole inspiration comes from ballerina diaries that drew me to keep an open mind when looking for dressing ideas. The fluffy feel at the bottom half of the skirt goes well with the edgy boot. But the skirt color needs to be subtle to avoid getting overdressed.

However, if you are still unsure about what to wear, slip on the little black dress. You will be amazed by the scope it has on different locations. But have that option only as your last resort.

Comfort dress

If you are just planning to stroll down the street then you may want to tone down your dresses code. This section is for girls who wish to gel with the crowd but look fashionable at the same time. Valentine or no valentine, you want to dress good, right? These dresses will help you look dashing and elegant at the same time.

, Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for Girls (2015), TK Bridal, TK Bridal

Colorful skirts

Full printed skirts are definitely on demand. The ladylike skirts have definitely made a major comeback in the recent years. In 2015, they have finally proven that they’re here to stay. People have accepted the trend. While some take the trend in a playful manner, with their colorful landscape printed skirts, others keep things classic, with a bright floral print.

Get a little funky with floral impressions. The great thing about the print is that you can wear it all year round. Since flowers are the symbol of love, affection and peace, one can opt for floral printed skirt for this special day. No matter the colors, you will definitely own a playful look with the floral printed skirts.

, Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for Girls (2015), TK Bridal, TK Bridal

Work attire

Avoiding anything that’s super bold is the key to office attire. Dress comfortably and add a dash of fashion to create a comfy v-day office ensemble. For dressier work attire, trade in your denim for slacks or a pencil skirt.

The netted white sleeves with a knee length skirt optimize the professional look to sweep away the office crews. The dress is just perfect to holler around the streets after your work gets over.

, Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for Girls (2015), TK Bridal, TK Bridal

Casual dress

Even if you are not going out with the beaus, you still want to dress fresh for the occasion. This is what casual dress is for you. Loose-fitting top and comfy leggings must be your top choice. They’ll look cute and cool on you, both at the same time. Dress up with gemstone drop earrings or some strappy heels. And don’t forget to add a pop of red to finish the look. It is always best to dress casual in a new way and dropping a new look to represent this special occasion.

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to spread love and be loved.  While I may not be its biggest advocate, I know what it is like to wear a dress that radiates throughout a killer Valentine’s Day ensemble. Though, the day is all about being together with your love interest, you could also take it in a different way. Kind of like an occasion to experiment with dresses?

Despite your will to eradicate the general stereotypes, you would still want to dress sensibly. After all, you do want to look good no matter what right? Inspire yourself to dress well and look good. You’ll make people crazy about you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

What do you think of these outfit ideas? Please leave your comment below.


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